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2024 Youth Umpires

DGS Youth Umpire Program

Being a youth umpire can be a rewarding experience. It not only allows you to earn some extra money but also gives you the opportunity to contribute to the development of young athletes. As a youth umpire, you will play a crucial role in ensuring fair play and maintaining sportsmanship during games.

To become a DGS Youth Umpire, you'll need to be responsible and committed and attend the training session. This will help you understand the rules of the game and develop the necessary skills to make accurate calls.

DGS Youth Umpires earn $30 per game and can pick games that work for their schedule. This flexibility allows them to balance  other commitments.

DGS Youth Umpires need to be in 7th to 12th grade. Games will be for our Junior League - 2nd and 3rd grade and our Minor League - 4th and 5th grade games. USA Umpires will not ump elementary age games so it is crucial to the success of our league to have youth umpires.


2023 DGS Youth Umpire Training

2024 Youth Umpire Training