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Minor & Middle School Playoff Schedules

Click here for minor schedule and click here for middle school schedule.

June 17th Closing Day Celebration Games

Mini Sluggers:

11-12pm Rollins Black Bears @ Ducks

11-12pm Tiggies Dukes @ Eagles + Gators


12-1pm Tiggies Black Bears @ Gators 

12-1pm Rollins Ducks @ Dukes

1-2pm Tiggies Eagles @ Bobcats

1-2pm Rollins Hawks @ Huskies


2-3pm Tiggies Ducks @ Huskies

2-3pm Rollins Black Bears @ Dukes 

3-4pmTiggies Gators @ Eagles

3-4pm Rollins Hawks @ Bobcats


All Star Games:

Minor League 5pm Rollins

Middle School League 5pm Tiggies

DGS Swing For the Fences!

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Danvers Girls Softball

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